Besides documentation we have a very friendly community which provides support for all Sylius users seeking help!

At Sylius we have 3 main channels for communication and support.


Most of us use Slack for their online communication with co-workers. We know that it is not convenient to have another chat window open, therefore we’ve chosen Slack for the live communication with the community.

We have created following rooms so far:

#general - for discussions about Sylius development itself, #docs - for discussions related to the documentation, #support - for asking questions and helping others, #random - for the non-work banter and water cooler conversation.

If you have any suggestions, please let us know on Slack!

Slack requires inviting new members, but this can be done automatically, just go to, enter your email and you will get an invitation. If possible, please use GitHub username - it will help us to recognize each other easily!


We encourage asking Sylius related questions on the platform.

  • Search for the question before asking, maybe someone has already solved your problem,
  • Be specific about your question, this is what SO is about, concrete questions and solutions,
  • Be sure to tag them with sylius tag - it will make it easier to find for people who can answer it.

To view all Sylius related questions - visit this link. You can also search for phrase.